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GB-234708-A: Improvements in and relating to combined buffets and tables patent, GB-2347496-A: Indicating optical anisotropy patent, GB-234780-A: Machine for cutting tea and similar products patent, GB-2348251-A: Shape of a moulded plastic fan centre bowl patent, GB-234998-A: An improved machine for the production of protective edges on sheets of paper and the like patent, GB-2361345-A: pixel matrix display patent, GB-236659-A: Improvements in or relating to welding wire for welding machines patent, GB-236919-A: Improvements in means for balancing the inertia effect of reciprocating screens and other reciprocating masses patent, GB-236945-A: Improvements in supports for brushes of dynamo-electric and like machines patent, GB-2373206-A: Bonding electric wires using ultrasonic vibrations patent, GB-2375101-A: Sheet stacking with helical registration member patent, GB-2377044-A: Data retrieval system and method for retrieving data patent, GB-238114-A: Improvements in connection contacts for electric heating rods patent, GB-2385612-A: Greenhouse with attached composting bin patent, GB-2385964-A: Automatic flight management in an online marketplace patent, GB-238754-A: Improvements in turbine motors or engines patent, US-7643787-B2: Receiver system and method for receiving broadcasting patent, GB-239101-A: Improvements in clamping devices for clamping the edges of sheets or plates during the process of welding patent, GB-239191-A: Improvements in or relating to systems for boiling cellulose patent, GB-2395043-A: Image information generation device and information storage medium patent, GB-2396948-A: Bi-directional driving circuit of flat panel display device and method for driving the same patent, GB-239909-A: A new or improved carrier applicable for blouses, lingerie and other articles of clothing patent, GB-2400269-A: Method of handoff in a packet-switched data communication network patent, GB-240263-A: Improvements in and relating to disintegrator machines patent, GB-2402989-A: Sealing sleeve member parts disposed on pipe patent, GB-240868-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of abrasives patent, GB-241309-A: Improvements in rotary pulp strainers patent, GB-241348-A: An improved wire straining appliance applicable also to knotting or tying the ends of the wires patent, GB-241884-A: Improved disintegrating apparatus for use in the manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and the like patent, GB-242334-A: Improvements in or relating to illuminated advertising devices patent, GB-242471-A: Improvements in transporter cranes and in grabs for use in connection therewith patent, GB-242769-A: Improvements in or relating to lubricating systems for internal combustion engines patent, GB-2429073-A: Flash module patent, GB-2430008-A: Storage cabinet with latching mechanism patent, GB-243457-A: Improvements in the manufacture of wheels patent, GB-243465-A: Improvements in garment presses patent, GB-243640-A: Improvements in or relating to paper making machinery patent, GB-243827-A: Improvements relating to replacers or reversers for railway signals and the like patent, GB-244015-A: patent, GB-244085-A: Improvements relating to electrical indicating instruments and control systems therefor patent, GB-244271-A: Improvements in or relating to wearing apparel patent, GB-244372-A: Process for electrical gas purification patent, GB-244554-A: Improvements in transmitting mechanism for vacuum brakes patent, GB-245429-A: patent, GB-2455244-A: Liquid crystal display backlight patent, GB-245900-A: Improvements in swath turners, hay collectors, side delivery rakes, or the like patent, GB-245911-A: Improvements relating to electric welding apparatus patent, GB-246288-A: Improvements in apparatus for delivering measured quantities of liquid patent, GB-246893-A: Improvements in or relating to protective arrangements for alternating current electric circuits patent, GB-247948-A: Improvements in wind screens for motor vehicles patent, GB-248328-A: Improvements relating to self packing coke oven doors patent, GB-248373-A: Improvements relating to fermentation processes patent, GB-248882-A: Tell-tale for ships twin telegraphs patent, GB-249653-A: Apparatus for measuring the depth or density of water patent, GB-249663-A: Improvements in arrangements for cooling and drying air in cold storage chambers patent, GB-249959-A: Improvements in can openers patent, GB-250629-A: Improvements in electron discharge devices patent, GB-251639-A: Electrical clock-work patent, GB-251653-A: Improvements in and relating to electric power transmission systems patent, GB-251815-A: Improvements in flushing apparatus patent, GB-251937-A: patent, GB-252790-A: Improvements in or relating to articles of furniture such as dinner waggons, bed tables and the like patent, GB-254346-A: Improvements in and connected with automatic fire protection doors or screens patent, GB-255640-A: Improvements in smokers' ash trays patent, GB-255696-A: Improvements in spring motors patent, GB-255948-A: Improvements in, and relating to the treads of boots & shoes patent, GB-256682-A: Improvements in or connected with meat slicing machines patent, GB-256971-A: Improvements in or relating to machines for making evacuated tubes patent, GB-257795-A: Improvements in piston cooling device patent, GB-257846-A: Improvements in or relating to waggon tipplers patent, GB-258374-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of artificial silk patent, GB-258442-A: Improved saddle for bicycles, motor bicycles and the like patent, GB-258591-A: Improvements in time recorders, especially for the arrival of pigeons patent, GB-260185-A: Improvements in electrically driven locomotives patent, GB-260353-A: Improvements in and relating to electric lamps for bicycles and the like patent, GB-260625-A: Photo-mechanical intaglio printing patent, GB-260838-A: Direction signalling indicator to project signals from the front and rear of vehicles, either day or night patent, GB-260984-A: patent, GB-260986-A: Process of and compound for the cementation of iron and steel patent, GB-261039-A: Improvements in the preparation of floor and boot and the like polishes patent, GB-261740-A: Improvements in apparatus for the distillation or drying of coal or other solid materials patent, GB-262071-A: patent, GB-262128-A: Improvements in or relating to fire-arms and cartridges therefor patent, GB-262932-A: Improvements in domestic combined table and clothes wringing and mangling machines patent, GB-263352-A: Improvements in endless treads for tractors and other vehicles patent, GB-264011-A: Improvements in or relating to rotary strainers for liquids patent, GB-264013-A: Apparatus for removing and quenching hot coke discharged from retorts or furnaces patent, GB-264140-A: Sealing-piston for reservoirs for the storage of gas, steam or easily evaporating liquids patent, GB-264838-A: Improvements in or relating to suction filters patent, GB-265171-A: Device for automatically indicating the decrease of pressure in pneumatic tyre by electric means on autocars, motorcycles patent, GB-266239-A: Improvements in and relating to tins and like containers patent, GB-266297-A: Improvements in devices for keeping flexible movable hoods of closed motor vehicle bodies taut patent, GB-266737-A: Improvements in or relating to registering mechanism for telephone call meters patent, GB-267276-A: Improvements in artificial teeth patent, GB-267801-A: Improved block calendar patent, GB-268290-A: Improvements in and relating to prepayment watermeters patent, GB-268450-A: Improvements to holders for gases or liquids patent, GB-269226-A: Improvements in or relating to liquid seal devices for vacuum chambers or systems, particularly refrigerating systems patent, GB-269500-A: Improvements in anti-theft devices for motor-vehicles patent, GB-269732-A: Improvements in or relating to wool, cotton, rag and the like drying machines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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